The Pangdam Appreciates All Kodam IX/Udayana Soldiers for the Success of Securing the AIS Forum Summit in Bali

BADUNG, STIGMA.CO.ID – All components of the Security Task Force should be grateful because they have succeeded in carrying out the noble task of securing the 2023 Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum High Level Conference (Summit), which has a direct impact on the nation’s self-esteem in international eyes. It is hoped that the presence of world leaders at this event will have a positive impact on the Island of the Gods, resulting in an increase in the economy and tourism.

This was conveyed by Pangdam IX/Udayana, Major General TNI Harfendi, S.I.P., M.Sc., in his message, which was read by Kasdam IX/Udayana Brigadier General TNI Sachono, S.H., M.Sc., M.Tr. (Han) when leading the Personnel Checking and Material that has completed carrying out VVIP security duties for the 2023 AIS Forum Summit at the Rifle Company A (Kipan A) Yonif Raider 900/SBW Field, Tuban, Badung, Bali, on Friday (13/10/2023).

As we all know, from October 10 to 11, 2023, Indonesia is honored to host this meeting as a historic moment for the first summit of the AIS Forum, a forum for strengthening collaboration between archipelagic countries and island countries connected by the sea.

“As the Pamwil Task Force Commander and personally, I would like to thank all Kodam IX/Udayana soldiers involved in the Pamwil Task Force and the Evacuation Task Force for supporting the smooth running of the 2023 AIS Forum security summit in the Bali Province region from October 7 to 12, 2023, so that activities can be carried out well, safely, and smoothly,” said the Pangdam.

He further stated that the experience gained while participating in this activity should be used as a provision in preparing oneself for the next activity because, in the future, there will still be many international events that will be held in Bali Province. Then specifically to the unit commanders, to double check the personnel and material involved and report any outstanding matters at the first opportunity to Pangdam IX/Udayana.

“To all soldiers, please continue to pay attention to personnel and material security factors during the journey back to their respective homes and avoid things that can harm themselves and damage the good name of the unit. Good luck! I hope you reach your destination safely. Convey my best regards to your family,” concluded the Pangdam, ending his message.

After reading the message from Pangdam IX/Udayana, Kasdam paid his respects to all Pamwil and Evacuation Task Force personnel from Kodam IX/Udayana as an expression of appreciation from the leadership and as a sign of the completion of the task of securing the 2023 AIS Forum Summit.

Present at the inspection call were the Wadan of the Pamwil Task Force (Danrem 163/WSA), the Wadan of the Evacuation Task Force (Kasrem 163/WSA), the Task Force Assistants, the Heads of the Task Force Elements, the Danrem Sub Task Forces, as well as all Kodam IX/Udayana soldiers who were members of the Pamwil and Evacuation Task Force. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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