The AIS Summit Reserve Sub-Task Force is Ready to Secure State Guests and Spouses in Inkognito Activities

BADUNG, STIGMA.CO.ID – Under the command of the Regional Security Task Force (Satgas Pamwil), the Reserve Sub-Task Force has the main task of carrying out security in Ring 2 and Ring 3 for state guests and their spouses in all Inkognito activity objects or outside the schedule visited during the event. Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum 2023 High Level Conference (Summit) activities in Bali.

In his statement when met after carrying out the Morning Call at Mako Denkav 4/SP on Wednesday (11/10/2023), the Commander of the Reserve Sub-Task Force, Lt. Col. Inf M. Adriansyah, said that the Reserve Sub-Task Force was divided into 11 Inkognito Troops led by each Complex Commander (Danplek), who in his duties wears batik clothing in Ring 2 and fully armed service clothing in Ring 3.

“Activities carried out while waiting for orders from the Pamwil Task Force Commander, the Reserve Sub Task Force personnel are on standby ready to move and carry out Riot Management (PHH) training with various equipment owned by all Combat and Combat Support Units in Bali, such as Yonif Raider 900/SBW, Mechanized Yonif 741/GN, Yonzipur 18/YKR, and Denkav 4/SP,” he explained.

Apart from being armed with individual weapons attached to each person, Lt. Col. Adriansyah also said that the Reserve Sub-Task Force was also supported by 30 personnel transport trucks prepared by the Banmin Support Element.

“In its implementation, if at any time it is needed, the Reserve Sub-Task Force will receive direct orders from the Pamwil Task Force Operations Assistant via radio or Handy Talkie (HT). Then the personnel who are ready will immediately carry out movement towards the target,” concluded Lt. Col. Adriansyah, who also serves on a daily basis as Dansecaba Rindam IX/Udayana.

He hopes that the 2023 AIS Forum Summit can run smoothly until the end of the activities and that state guests feel comfortable carrying out these international activities in Bali, so that, of course, Indonesia will receive appreciation as well as positive responses and impacts on tourism in Bali. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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