Pangdam : Guides the Directive from the Upper Command in Implementing the Jagagar Program

DENPASAR, STIGMA.CO.ID – Maximizing the implementation of the 2023 Kodam IX/Udayana Work Program and Budget (Progjagar) on time and on target. On Wednesday (26/7/2023), the Military Commander (Pangdam) IX/Udayana Maj. Gen. Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M., chaired the evaluation meeting for the first semester of 2023 Progjagar which was held, at Rupatama Syafiudin Room, Makodam IX/Udayana, Denpasar.

During the meeting, directly at Makodam IX/Udy were attended by Kasdam IX/Udy, Irdam IX/Udy, Danrem 163/WSA, Asrendam IX/Udy, the Dan/Kabalakdam IX/Udy in the Bali region. Meanwhile, through Vidcon, each unit was followed by the Danrem 161/WS along with its range units in the NTT region, as well as the Danrem 162/WB and its rangers in the NTB region.

The Program evaluation meeting is a vehicle for discussing prominent issues regarding the implementation of work programs and budgets, especially regarding the performance of the Work Units in implementing DIPA FY 2023 as the authority. The goal to be achieved is to find a solution in the form of an effective step to solve the problem and measurable achievement of the targets for the implementation of the Progjagar Program.

On this occasion, the Pangdam IX/Udayana conveyed that each unit should carry out its duties optimally in accordance with the Jagagar Program in their respective fields, so that there are no deviations or budget absorption that is not in accordance with its designation.

“Every program implementation should be guided by the directives/telegrams issued by the Upper Command in order to avoid findings in the implementation of supervision and inspection,” said the Military Commander.

Furthermore, the Pangdam emphasized to the Unit Commanders to continue to improve the operational preparedness and readiness of their units, in order to anticipate the development of the situation and the implementation of tasks, and the Dansat must also be more innovative and creative in training the instinctive abilities and combat discipline of soldiers in their units.

Facing the political year in the 2024 Election, the Military Commander hopes that every soldier will increase intelligence sensitivity and be guided by TNI Neutrality. This includes raising awareness on social media and not spreading hoax news and committing other violations that can harm oneself, family, TNI units and institutions. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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