Led by The Pangdam, 3 Officers of Kodam IX/Udayana Carry Out The Handover of Positions

DENPASAR, STIGMA.CO.ID – Pangdam IX/Udayana Major General TNI Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M., directly led the Handover of Positions and Tradition Reports of the Corps of Three Kodam Officials including Danbrigif 21/Komodo, Kajasdam IX/Udayana and Kaajendam IX/Udayana, at The Supardi Hall of Makodam IX/Udayana, Denpasar, on Tuesday (25/7/2023).

The event which was attended by Kasdam IX/Udy, Irdam IX/Udy and Kodam IX/Udy Officers as well as the Chairperson along with the Deputy Chairperson and Management of Persit KCK PD IX/Udayana, was carried out based on the Warrant Pangdam IX/Udayana Number Sprin/1225/VII/2023 dated 5 July 2023 concerning dismissal from old positions and appointments to new positions within the Army environment, especially Kodam IX/Udayana.

The officials carrying out the Sertijab included Danbrigif 21/Komodo from Colonel Inf Samsul Huda, S.E., M.Sc., who will then assume the position of Head of Chief of Staff of Kasrem 032/Wbr Kodam I/BB handing over his duties and position to Lt. Col. Inf Andi Andriyanto Wibowo, S.Sos., M.I.Pol., who previously served as Head of Mechanical Brigade 16/WY Kodam V/Brw.

For Kajasdam IX/Udayana from Colonel Arh Sudrajat, S.H., M.H., he changed assignments as Head of Sub-Dispensat Dispenad and as his replacement was Colonel Inf Wawan Indaryanto, S.Pd., who previously served as Head of Kasrem Kasrem 072/Pmk Kodam IV/Dip.

Furthermore, Kaajendam IX/Udayana from Colonel Caj Paham Priyono, S.E., M.M., who changed assignments as an Associate Lecturer at Seskoad, handed over his duties and position to Lt. Col. Caj Mamad Wahyu Nurhidayat, S.E., M.M., who was previously Pabandya-3/Watpers PNS Spaban VI/Bin PNS Spersad.

In his remarks, the Pangdam said that the handover of positions within the TNI AD is a natural process in the context of organizational management, the mechanism of which always refers to the principles of personnel development and organizational development that are interrelated to one another.

To the old officials, the Regional Military Commander expressed his sincere thanks and high appreciation for carrying out his duties while carrying out the mandate of office with all forms of dedication and dedication to Kodam IX/Udayana in particular.

Then to the new officials, the Pangdam welcomes and enjoys serving at the IX/Udayana Military Command, and immediately adapts to the work environment and understands the duties and responsibilities of the position and creates innovative programs that are beneficial to the unit. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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