Leading the Closing Ceremony for TNI AD Enlisted Education, Pangdam IX/Udayana Inaugurates 87 Young Soldiers

TABANAN, STIGMA.CO.ID – The inauguration and swearing-in procession is a historic moment in pursuing the future as the starting point for serving ‘Bhayangkari Negara’. For this reason, as Pangdam IX/Udayana and personally, I would like to congratulate all students for carrying out their first education and officially holding the status of TNI AD Soldiers with the rank of Second Soldier.

This was conveyed by Pangdam IX/Udayana, Major General TNI Harfendi, S.I.P., M.Sc., in his address when he was the Inspector of the Closing Ceremony of the TNI AD First Enlisted Education Study Program (Prodi) Batch I TA. 2023, which will be held at the Wira Yudha Bhakti Rindam IX/Udayana Field, Kediri, Tabanan, on Friday (29/9/2023).

During 5 months of carrying out education with an assessment of the Three Basic Patterns, including the Academic Sector, the Attitude and Behavior Sector, and the Physical Sector, 87 student soldiers won the best score award in the name of Prada Ryan Alfatkhur Ridha Pratama.

“By being inaugurated as soldiers, of course you change your status from being a civilian to being a TNI soldier. This transition is not only achieved by providing knowledge and skills as well as physical training; more important is a change in attitude, mentality, and identity,” said Pangdam.

The Pangdam further said that after the first education was closed, the soldiers would carry out further education according to their respective branches. Therefore, prepare yourself as well as possible, because education in the TNI AD is currently adapting the learning system at the TNI Education Institute to the demands of developments in science and technology.

“I emphasize to all soldiers to always appreciate, practice, and actualize the noble values contained in the Sapta Marga, the Soldier’s Oath, and the Eight Obligations of the TNI. Obey all the rules that apply in the military environment and avoid various violations that can harm yourself and your family, especially to the point of tarnishing the good name of the Indonesian Army,” stressed the Pangdam.

Ending his address, the Pangdam expressed his thanks to Danrindam IX/Udayana, all caregivers, teaching staff, and educational support staff who have worked hard so that the education process can run smoothly according to the established curriculum.

The closing of education this time was enlivened by demonstrations by soldiers in the form of disassembling weapons, military self-defense (BDM), mounting, combat tactics, collective dancing, and soldier chants.

Present at the ceremony were Kasdam IX/Udayana, Irdam IX/Udayana, Kapok Sahli Pangdam IX/Udayana, Asrendam IX/Udayana, Assistant Kasdam IX/Udayana, Dan/Kabalakdam IX/Udayana, Regent of Tabanan, Chairman of the District DPRD Tabanan, Tabanan Police Chief, and other invitees. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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