Inaugurates Miniature of the TNI AD Flagship Territorial Development Program, Pangdam : We Must Continue This Good Idea!

KUPANG, STIGMA.CO.ID – Pangdam IX/Udayana Major General TNI Harfendi, S.I.P., M.Sc., inaugurated the Miniature of the TNI AD’s Superior Training Program at Kodam IX/Udayana in the Korem 161/Wira Sakti Area, which is in Sumlili Village, West Kupang District, Kupang Regency, on Friday (10/13/2023).

In his speech, the Commander of the Military said that the seven TNI AD Leading Binter Programs that were being scaled up in one village included the TNI AD Manunggal Air Program, Food Security, Handling Stunting, Babinsa Entering the Kitchen, Pancasila Village, Rehabilitation of Uninhabitable Houses (RTLH), and implementation of the E Praja Raksaka application.

“This is the idea of the previous military commander, namely Maj. Gen. TNI Sonny Aprianto. In its implementation, it combines TNI AD’s Flagship Binter Program from Mr. Kasad, which is implemented in one place in a miniature. We will continue that, because we have to continue with good  ideas,” stressed Commander IX/Udayana.

The Military Commander further stated that the TNI AD Chief of Staff (Kasad) always emphasized that the presence of the TNI AD must be able to provide solutions for the community wherever TNI AD soldiers serve and are located. This is intended so that TNI AD Soldiers must be able to help the community’s difficulties by synergizing with other components of the nation.

On this occasion, the Regent of Kupang, Drs. Korinus Masneno, M.Sc., expressed his thanks to Kodam IX/Udayana for holding the TNI AD Miniature Binter Flagship Program. “On behalf of the government and all the people of Kupang Regency, especially Sumlili Village, we would like to express our gratitude for what the Indonesian Army has done in Sumlili Village to help the community’s difficulties. We are really helped by this activity,” said the Regent of Kupang.

Meanwhile, the Head of Sumlili Village, Yusael Ndun, also expressed his thanks and high appreciation to the TNI AD, especially Kodam IX/Udayana, for the attention that had been carried out in his village. “Thank you for all the efforts that have been made in our village. This activity really helps us and answers the problems we have experienced so far; thank you, TNI AD,” said the Head of Sumlili Village.

The inauguration of the TNI AD Flagship Binter Program Miniature was marked by the cutting of a ribbon by Pangdam IX/Udayana in front of one of the RTLH houses that had been rehabilitated, followed by the signing of an inscription and the distribution of basic food packages to the community.

Those present at the activity included Danrem 161/Wira Sakti, Kasrem 161/Wira Sakti, Kasi Kasrem 161/Wira Sakti, Dandim 1604/Kupang, Assistant II of the NTT Provincial Secretariat, Aspotmar Lantamal VII/Kupang, Kadispotdirga El Tari Kupang Air Base, Dansat Brimob NTT Regional Police, NTT Regional Coordinator, and Provincial OPD Leaders. NTT, Danka Balak Aju Kodam IX/Udayana, as well as other invitees. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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