As Dansatgas Pamwil Pangdam IX/Udayana Accompanies Pangkogabwilhan II to Check the Readiness of the AIS Summit Troops

DENPASAR, STIGMA.CO.ID – As Commander of the Regional Security Task Force (Dansatgas Pamwil) in the 2023 Archipelagic Island States (AIS) Forum Summit, Pangdam IX/Udayana Major General TNI Harfendi, S.I.P., M.Sc., attended the 2023 AIS Forum VVIP Security Forces Ceremony, which was held at Puputan Field, Niti Mandala, Renon, Denpasar, on Saturday (7/10/2023).

Led by Pangkogabwilhan II Marshal TNI Andyawan Martono Putra and Head of Security and Security for the National Police, Commissioner General of Police, Dr. H. Mohammad Fadil Imran, M.Sc., the troop call, which was attended by thousands of TNI-Polri personnel, was aimed at checking the readiness of personnel and material who would carry out security duties for the Heads of State and delegates participating in the AIS Summit on October 11.

During this activity, Pangdam IX/Udayana was seen accompanying Pangkogabwilhan II during the inspection of the Pamwil Task Force Troops, which were divided into several supporting elements and sub-task forces, namely electronic communication support elements, medical, mining, information, services, and Intel, as well as the parking traffic sub-task force, event venues, accommodations, routes, and reserves. Meanwhile, the Evacuation Task Force is led by Kasdam IX/Udayana Brigadier General TNI Sachono, S.H., M.Sc., M.Tr. (Han).

On this occasion, TNI Commander Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, S.E., M.M., C.S.F.A., in his address read by Pangkogabwilhan II as Pangkogabpam VVIP AIS Summit, said that this afternoon at Renon Field Denpasar, Bali, we will carry out checks on the readiness of personnel, materials, and infrastructure that will be used in security activities for the 2023 AIS Forum Summit.

The TNI Commander further stated that the AIS Forum Summit would be attended by leaders and heads of state from island and archipelagic countries throughout the world. A total of 51 participating countries are targeted to come, and several international organizations will also attend. According to the plan, 26 heads of state, around 30 to 47 ministers, and 98 heads of international organizations will also participate in the summit. This will, of course, be a challenge that we must be able to face together in securing it.

“We have succeeded in showing the world our capacity to secure large and complex international-scale events. I believe in the ability and fighting spirit possessed by every individual who is part of the AIS Summit Pam Task Force. “The success of securing the AIS Forum Summit, which is being held for the first time, will not only have an impact on the reputation of the security forces but will also have an impact on the reputation of the Indonesian nation on the international stage,” stressed the TNI Commander.

At the end of his message, the TNI Commander emphasized the following points as guidelines: Understand the duties of each section in detail, and always be ready to respond quickly if dynamics occur in the field. Implement good cooperation and coordination between the components involved in security and ensure there is no miscommunication in the field. Carry out firm and measurable actions in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations, and prioritize a humanist approach to work. Put aside sectoral egos and always prioritize the greater interests, namely the interests of the nation and state.

Apart from the Pamwil and Evacuation Task Force, the Roll Call was also attended by other Roll Call participants consisting of various Task Force personnel, including the Intelligence Task Force, VVIP Task Force, Passus Task Force (Special Forces), Satgasla (Marine Task Force), Satgasud (Air Task Force), Airport/Port/Installation Task Force, Medical Task Force, Complex Task Force (Electronic Communications), Pen Task Force (Information), Evacuation Task Force, VIP Task Force, and 1 SSK (Company Level Unit) Music Corps (Korsik).

Also present at the ceremony were the main officials of Kogabwilhan II, the main officials of the National Police Headquarters, the acting governor of Bali, elements of the Forkopimda of Bali Province, as well as other guests. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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