Assessment of bureaucratic reform TNI AD created a high-performance and integrity unit

DENPASAR, STIGMA.CO.ID – The Bureaucratic Reform Programme needs to be met in order to ensure that organizational governance is improved. The use of information technology is expected to meet the bureaucratic challenges of the future so that the core goals of the TNI-AD organization can be achieved effectively and efficiently. The assessment of bureaucratic reforms at the municipal level is aimed at obtaining information on the progress of the implementation of the bureaucracy reform and its improvement efforts, so that it requires the participation of all parties, from the leadership in the municipality to the soldiers and the PNS TNI AD.

This was presented by Asrena Kasad Mayjen TNI Kasuri in his reception read by Waasrena Kasad Bid. Jemen and RB Srenaad Briggen TNI Bagus Suryadi Tayo, M.Sc., at the opening of the assessment of bureaucratic reforms of the TNI municipality level TNI AD TA 2023 in Kodam IX/Udayana Territory on Tuesday (3/10/2023) in Rupatama Syafiudin Makodam IX/Udayana.

Next, Pangdam IX/Udayana Mayjen TNI Harfendi, S.I.P., M.Sc., began his welcome read. Irdam IX/Udayana Briggen TNI Tatan Ardianto, S.I.P., welcomed the team chairman and the group in Kodam IX/Utayana.

The Pangdam Assessment Team was informed that the Code IX/Udayana Bureaucratic Reform Implementation Team has followed up on the TNI AD Bureaucracy Reform Program by drawing up a plan since 2015 and has appointed the Bureaucracy Reform Execution Team headed by Kasdam IX/Udayana as the implementer or driver of bureaucratic reform at the level of the municipalities and working units. Then, an assessor team was appointed to carry out an independent quality management-based assessment of the implementation and achievement of bureaucratization reforms in the Kodam IX/Udayana environment.

Pangdam hopes that the presence of the Assessment Team from Mabesad this time can make a positive contribution to the implementation of the bureaucratic reform in Code IX/Udayana in order to support the quality of organizational performance and encourage the realization of a timely and targeted work program.

At the end of his reception, Pangdam reaffirmed to the Kodam IX/Udayana Working Unit that it should continue to carry out the activities of Integrity Zone Development/Ordered Area of Bureaucratic Reform, which is a miniature of the reform of the municipal bureaucracy, in order to create a prime, high-performance, and integrity service unit, for which the Kodam IX/Udayana Assessor Team will provide the data and information materials required during the implementation of this activity as well as a record of the evaluation given for improving the quality of performance of Kodam IX/Udayana.

Participants in the event were Kapok Sahli Pangdam IX/Udy, Asrendam IX/Udy, Danrindam IX/Udy, Para Kabalakdam IX/Udy, Pabandya-4/Surinteks Spaban VII/RB Srenaad, Para Waas Kasdam IX/Udy, Wadan Denmadam IX/Udy, and Dandim 1611/Badung. And through Vidcon are Danrem 161/WS, Danrem 162/WB, and Danbrigif 21/Komodo. (Pendam IX/Udy).

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